Tuesday, 21 June 2016


As educationist you will have read through with curiosity and concern the Draft Education Policy of the Government of India that I had sent yesterday. Though unofficial, we have a chance to look at it and respond to it in our own way. This is not the time for minor changes, opinions, or remarks. If you have any serious policy proposals in the field of education, please send it to me. As Montfortian Education Office we have some channels of communication with the framers of the policy. I shall synthesise and forward it to them.

As you must have seen, the Chapter IX is the important part of the recommendations. You may have the local educationists groups for interactions or by your community or yourself alone could make a study and present some response. If there are some major concerns the policy is not addressing, or new insights into greater effectiveness, or Montfortian emphasis you want to see realized, please write in a few sentences or a page and send it to me. Of course you are also free to communicate through your own contacts.

Montfortian education is not consumers of education or providers of this service but a comprehensive mission for human growth and wellbeing. So, policy frameworks, strategy layouts and programme developments are all important. Our engagement is part of our achievement.

Bro. Mani Mekkunnel
Secretary General
Montfortian Education Foundation
New Delhi

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